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Owning an outdoor swimming pool, regardless of whether it’s in-ground or with a frame construction, is the dream of many homeowners. In fact, a lot of them would look for properties with already built ones...


Owning a pool is great. Everyone could relate to that, right? However, it’s pretty certain that all pool owners can also relate to the struggles related to their maintenance and the high upkeep costs...



Sun2Solar Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Review

Having a pool in the backyard is without a doubt the dream of every homeowner. However, many of them come to realize the struggles of maintaining one much later, after they build it.Keeping it clean and maintaining the relatively warm temperature of the water can be quite challenging...

 In The Swim Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover Review

Every homeowner is well aware of the burden that is pool maintenance. This is particularly the case if you live in a place which is a bit dustier than average. Having to pick up dirt, debris, and different pollutants from the water every day and to vacuum a few days a week is particularly challenging.

Intex Solar Cover For Easy Set And Frame Pools Review  

Imagine the following – it's Saturday morning, and you've waited for this moment for the entire week. You've called your buddies, and you intend to spend the whole day in the backyard, enjoying some BBQ, cold beers and good weather. It is 30 minutes before your friends are supposed to arrive, so you go out to prep the set, so to speak.

Blue Wave Bronze In Ground Pool Winter Cover Review

Owning a pool is a delight during swim season. There are several months in the year, however, during which you will have to think of something to cover it. A lot of people drain out the pool during late fall and winter, but this is a bit of a burden.

Top Rated Pool Fences: Comprehensive Buying Guide for 2017

Knowing what pool fence to have for your swimming pool is even more important than what cover you need. Here at PoolCoversHQ we have done the hard work for you and made choosing a fence for you pool easy.

best pool fences

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