In The Swim Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover Review

In The Swim Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover Review

Every homeowner is well aware of the burden that is pool maintenance. This is particularly the case if you live in a place which is a bit dustier than average. Having to pick up dirt, debris, and different pollutants from the water every day and to vacuum a few days a week is particularly challenging.

What is more, it's also worth noting that pools are a bit expensive to maintain, especially if you want to heat the water to an absolute temperature. This is rather costly, and it's adding a bit to the monthly electricity bill. Luckily, there is a solution that can help you a great deal – solar blanket covers.

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We understand that there is an abundance of these on the market, and that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with one of the best options – the 12-mil swimming pool solar blanket by In The Swim. The product is specifically designed to help you increase and retain water temperature throughout colder nights and to keep it clean from common pool pollutants.

About The Product

This is a solar blanket cover for a pool manufactured by the famous pool supply company In The Swim. They have a range of different sizes which can vary in length, width and also thickness. The thinnest covers start at 5-mil, and the thickest ones are 16-mil.

At the same time, the overall sizes range from 12 feet round pool covers to 30 x 60 feet square ones. Once again this is a choice that you have to make based on the size and shape of your pool.

The current 12-mil swimming pool solar blanket cover is constructed of UV-stabilized resin, which has exceptional heat retention properties.

There are quite a few exciting features which are well worth the affordable price of the solar blanket.

  • Thousands of air bubbles designed to transfer and retain the solar heat into your pool
  • It’s made out of UV-stabilized resin
  • ​It could be reshaped by cutting or trimming to fit any irregularly shaped pool
  • It’s energy-saving

It goes without saying that the primary purpose of the cover is to protect your pool from conventional pollutants and to increase the temperature of the water. What is more, it's also going to retain the heat, potentially prolonging the duration of the swim season. Of course, this has quite a few additional perks.

Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on an electric heat pump and then paying high recurring monthly electricity bills, consider using this solar blanket. The contemporary technology used for its manufacture is going to ensure even transfer of heat throughout the entire pool.

What Can You Expect From The Product?

Now, the results that you will get from In The Swim will depend on the intensity of usage. The more you use the cover, the more it’s going to increase the temperature of the water. It’s advised that you keep it on every night.

Also, you should have your pool covered all the time when you are not using it. This is going to result in significant results. You can expect a temperature increase of between 10 to 15 degrees (F) on average.

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You can quickly start the pool season a couple of months earlier if you use the cover in advance. This is also going to help you prolong the season.

Also, by using the cover regularly and consistently, the need to clean the pool is going to decrease dramatically. If you are overwhelmed by having to vacuum resin from the bottom of the pool every two or three days, or you find it tedious to collect dust and debris from the surface, this is a great solution to your problems.

What Others Say

The prevailing opinion of users about this product is mainly positive. Most of them report that the solar cover even exceeded their expectations. Most of the people are quite happy with the cover, and they are confident about the fact that it allowed them to extend the duration of the pool season significantly.

Of course, there are a few complaints. The most common one relates to the fact that the cover doesn't hold up for a long time as it breaks and falls apart. Now, it's important to understand that this usually only happens should you fail to take care of it. These covers are exposed to constant sunlight throughout the hottest months of the year.

What a lot of pool owners fail to take into account is that the sunlight damages the cover as well. Even though the product is made out of appropriate materials, being regularly exposed has its effects. A quick tip to prolong the life of your cover by a significant amount of time is to avoid getting its surface wet.

It might sound a bit odd – how do you not get a pool cover wet? Well, it's not that hard. Just make sure to roll it out gradually on the surface of the pool without allowing water on top of it.

Water can magnify the sun beams, and this is going to accelerate the harmful effects of the sun. Make sure that your cover is dry on the surface and you won't have any issues for quite a lot of seasons.

The Final Verdict

Compared to other products of this kind, the 12-mil Solar Blanket of In the Swim stands out. It comes at a comparatively low cost – it's a little less than $120, making it a rather affordable purchase. Considering the fact it will also save you quite a lot of time and money, it's a worthy investment.

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Keep in mind that you are also getting seven-year warranty coverage for that price, which is certainly outstanding.

This is a great product which is going to spare you a lot of hassle and cash. If you are a pool owner and you want to end the struggle of constant maintenance and cold water, this is the product to buy.

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