Intex Solar Cover For Easy Set And Frame Pools Review

Intex Solar Cover For Easy Set And Frame Pools Review

Imagine the following – it's Saturday morning, and you've waited for this moment for the entire week. You've called your buddies, and you intend to spend the whole day in the backyard, enjoying some BBQ, cold beers and good weather. It is 30 minutes before your friends are supposed to arrive, so you go out to prep the set, so to speak.

You go to your pool and, to your horrific surprise, it's covered with leaves and dirt. The bottom is almost black, and there are dead bugs everywhere. You forgot to clean it through the week, and it's been raining quite a lot. To make matters worse, the water is nowhere near being warm enough for swimming. There goes your pool party!

Three Intex Solar Covers In Pool

Every pool owner has been in this situation at least once. It's understandable if you feel quite overwhelmed and even angry. Luckily enough, there is a solution, and it's far less complicated than you think – a convenient and easy to set solar cover for your 12ft frame pool.

About The Product

This pool cover is a convenient solar cover for your frame pool. The Solar Cover is specially designed and manufactured for 12-foot round pools by Intex Recreation Corporation. Intex Recreation Corporation is a company with a long history of manufacturing accessories for airbeds, pools as well as spas.

With more than 40 years of experience behind their back, they are an established and reliable company. With a mission to reduce carbon footprint, Intex is looking for ways to create environmentally-friendly and efficient solutions.

This particular solar cover represents their mission perfectly. It's designed with thousands of air bubbles which are intended to transfer the heat to the entire pool. What is more, the cover is also going to reduce the evaporation by approximately 95%, and it's going to retain the elevated temperature levels of the water, eliminating the need of using third-party water heaters such as electric pumps.

Some of the exciting features of the cover include:

  • 95% reduction of water evaporation
  • Ability to increase and to retain the elevated heat of the water
  • ​It features unique drain holes to prevent water accumulation
  • ​It comes with a reusable carry bag making storage a breeze
  • ​Thousands of air bubbles designed to transfer heat evenly throughout the entire pool

What To Expect From The Solar Blanket Cover?

You may have noticed the drain holes which are scattered around the center of the cover. These are designed to promote proper water drainage. If water keeps stacking on the surface, this is going to increase the harmful effect of great sunlight, and it's going to shorten the lifespan of the cover.

Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools In Pool

Keep in mind that the material that this is made out of is particularly durable and it should easily handle a few seasons of constant usage. Given the unusually low price range, this is a significant advantage.

It’s important to note that the actual size of the cover is 11 feet and 5 inches. However, this is intended to fit perfectly within a 12ft-diameter frame round pool.

The cover is going to increase the temperature of the water within the first few days of usage. However, this change is likely to be only on the surface. If you want the heat to transfer throughout the entire depth of the pool, you ought to give it at least a week of continuous usage. It's also going to ensure that there is no debris and dirt in the pool.

What Others Say

Looking into different users' opinions, it's safe to say that the majority of them are extremely content with the Intex Solar Cover. They report significant increases in the temperature of the pool water happening in no more than 3-4 days of intense sun.

In fact, one of the users even did an experiment and reported that the basin cover saved him at least three weeks of waiting time compared to Mother Nature handling the task on her own.

Of course, it's also worth noting that there are a few complaints, as it is with every product. They are related to the fact that the air bubbles of the solar cover start to disintegrate after some time. This is entirely natural and to be expected in most pools.

The majority of owners tend to overuse different chemicals such as chlorine to keep the pool overly sanitized. Excessive amounts of these are inevitably going to harm the cover. However, should you keep things within the accepted boundaries, you won't have any issues.

The Final Verdict

The cover is worth a little less than $20 on Amazon. This is an insignificant investment, considering the significant return you are getting.

Right off the bat, you can quit worrying about having to purchase third-party water heaters such as an electric pump. Not only won't you have to buy one, but you also won't have to pay the associated increased electricity bills as well.

At the same time, you will also have to vacuum the bottom of the pool a lot less, and you won't have to clean the surface every single day.

Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools On White Surface

It's also worth noting that Intex is a reliable company. Intex has a very comprehensive and user-friendly 30-day return policy. So, If you aren't content with the product or if you got one which was damaged in shipping or when manufactured, you can get a refund or ask for a new one for free. This is quite reassuring.

If you are tired of having to worry whether or not the water temperature has dropped significantly during the night or when there's no sun out there, this solar blanket pool cover is the product you've been looking for. The amount that you have to pay for it is nothing in comparison to what you get in return. You will likely save at least two times more in electricity in just a month after you buy it.

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