Sun2Solar Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Review

Sun2Solar Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Review

Having a pool in the backyard is without a doubt the dream of every homeowner. However, many of them come to realize the struggles of maintaining one much later, after they build it. Keeping it clean and maintaining the relatively warm temperature of the water can be quite challenging, especially when you consider the temperature drops during the night as well as the dust and debris that tends to build up.

Luckily, there is a quick fix to those issues - cover solar heating blankets. These are specially designed to maintain and even raise the temperature of the water while keeping it clean from dust and other pollutants at the same time.

Sun2Solar 18-feet x 36-feet Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Heating Tarp Blanket Rolled Up

You are probably wondering about the difference between solar blankets and regular pool covers. Well, the former tend to provide significantly more insulation in comparison to the latter.

There are quite a lot of different options on the market, making a choice a bit harder. The 18-feet x 36-feet Blue Solar Heating Tarp by Sun 2 Solar is one of the most preferred options.

About The Product

This is an 18x36-feet solar heating tarp blanket designed to keep the water in your backyard pool warm and clean. It’s one of the most convenient ways for you to capture the sun’s heat as a natural heating source.

The product was manufactured by the Sun2Solar Company which is a specialized enterprise for fitted solar covers, spa covers, free-floating devices as well as an array of related products. With years of experience in this field of industry, you can rest assured that they are a reliable brand.

Some of the perks of the solar blanket include:

  • Captures the Sun's heat actually which results in 10-15 degree temperature rise
  • ​It’s made out of reliable and durable resin material
  • ​It has convenient construction of thousands of air bubbles designed to both capture and transmit heat
  • Original blue color

The blanket is specially manufactured to let in the naturally warm rays of the sun to raise the temperature of the pool water. You can expect a temperature rise of as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. What is more, it's also going to insulate the warmth of the water during nights when the temperature drops significantly.

This allows you to maintain optimally comfortable temperatures for swimming. Of course, being a functional pool cover, the product is also going to help you sustain the hygiene of your pool, keeping debris, dust and different pollutants out of the water.

A small piece of advice here – make sure that you always place the cover with the bubbles heading down into the water. A lot of people make the mistake of putting it the other way around, and this leads to poor results.

What Others Say

Based on quite a few customer reviews, it's safe to conclude that the Sun2Solar solar heating blanket exceeds the expectations of most users. The feedback is predominantly active, and people report that they observe a significant rise in temperature with up to 10-15 degrees within the first day in warm weather conditions.

Sun2Solar 18-feet x 36-feet Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Heating Tarp Blanket Close-Up

When the weather gets hotter, people report even more notable changes in the temperature, some of which reach up to 20 degrees.

Now, it's also important to note that this product comes in a beautiful blue color. While the color is appropriate for the swim season, Clear solar covers tend to be more efficient when it comes to letting the sun's rays penetrate deeper.

This is why clear covers usually bring a higher temperature rise. This difference is most notable if you go ahead and check the temperature past the very first few inches of the water.

The benefits of owning a Solar Blanket are numerous. Right off the bat, you can effectively take advantage of the natural warmth provided by the sun, hence save up expenses that you'd otherwise have to make for water heating. Also, even though the product description as given by the manufacturer states that the expected temperature rise should be up to 15 degrees, most of the people report even higher increases, hence exceeding expectations.

Of course, the solar cover is also going to keep your pool clean and free of debris, dust and all sorts of other pollutants. What is more, the soothing blue color is going to attribute for the overall appeal of the pool.

What Can You Expect From The Product?

Taking into account all of the advantages that the product brings to the table, it's certainly a justified and reasonable purchase. Valued at a little less than $125, it's affordable and cost-effective. Keep in mind that this is something which will save you money in the long run so that you will get a good return on your investment.

Sun2Solar stands behind its products, and it issues a six-year Limited Warranty for the 18x36-feet solar cover. Two of the six years provide express and full warranty, which is more than reassuring.

An important note when it comes to the warranty is that the product may come with an overlap of between 2 and 11 inches. This is designated to enable owners of pools with different size to trim the cover to adjust it to fit them. This trimming is not going to violate the warranty, so you don't have to worry about it.

Sun2Solar 18-feet x 36-feet Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover Heating Tarp Blanket On Pool

The Final Verdict

The 18x36-feet solar cover by Sun2Solar is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. With a tremendous amount of positive reviews, it’s obvious that this product serves its purpose flawlessly. If you are looking for something to help you keep your pool clean while retaining relatively warm temperatures even after colder nights, you’ve stumbled upon the right product.

Given the energy-efficiency of the product, purchasing it is not just a smart decision – it’s also a good investment as it’s also saving you quite a bit of money!

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